Get Lost In ‘The Void’ Poster & Trailer!

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Since Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski announced that they were doing practical effect heavy 80’s throw back, The Void has been one of my most anticipated movies. Jeremy and Steve are part of those crazy Canadian bastards Astron-6 and whatever any of these poutine eating bastards I am on board. If you have seen (and love) Father’s Day, Man-borg, Bio-cop or The Editor than you know what I am talking about. Of course The Void is not an Astron-6 production, but  these fellas have proven that they are film makers we need to support and from the trailer below they are staying with that trend. The teaser trailer is only about a minute long, but it is jam packed with horror-goodness that will satisfy the most hardcore gore hound. Check it out below and get ready. The Void hits select theaters on April 7th. For theater listings CLICK HERE.


PLOT: When police officer Carter (Aaron Poole) discovers a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road, he rushes him to a local hospital with a barebones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil.

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