Gamers Nosh: Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheese Burger

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When it comes to Wendy’s two things hold true for me. One it was always the “fancy fast food” so much so that we only had it on special occasions because of the cost. And the second thing is well at least you don’t have to hit the lottery to eat there, like you do with those sons of bitches at Arby’s.  One thing I will give Wendy’s is that they are always trying to reinvent their menu to a hip and fresher version of the fast food staples. And their new and much hyped burger is no exception. I present to you Wendy’s new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger.


Now the first thing you will notice is the sticker shock OMG! Sorry, I just turned into a valley teenage girl with that omg. But come on over $8.00 for a medium combo that’s steep for fast food prefab burger.  Another thing you will notice is that this isn’t you typical fast food burger at all. As the name implies the bun steps outside the norm and this burger is stacked between a pretzel bun. Now I’m a fan of soft pretzels and I love a good pretzel roll or pretzel bun.  However, it takes a special burger to mix well with the density of the bun and this burger falls well short of this. Wendy’s, knowing that the pretzel bun is dense, tries to counter this by adding a honey mustard sauce to lessen to blow of the bun. However, this falls short also. The flavor of the sauce works well with the sandwich and pretzel, it’s fantastic to be honest, but it falls short in fighting against the density bun. Another mark against the sandwich is their choice of using spring mix instead of lettuce.  Spring mix is small and delicate and when any heat applied to it will make it soggy and wilt.  This happens with this burger.  The spring mix was beginning to soften which made for a slippery top bun, making for a sloppy hard to handle burger.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all was bad or awful with this burger. It had crispy slices of bacon and a nice slice of cheddar cheese, a welcomed diversion from the typical American. On the whole I was bummed out because I was looking forward to this burger due to all its atypical ingredients making it more like a gastro pub burger than another fast food standby.  I would, however, recommend it to try. All the flavor mixed well, the burger was juicy just not juicy enough and the pretzel bun did taste good. It’s frustrating because if it wasn’t for the wilting spring mix and the density of the bun this maybe be arguably the best “upscale gourmet burger” to date to come from any fast food joint.

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