Gamers Nosh: Taco Bells Beefy Crunch Burrito

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            It’s no surprise that every fast food chain has its own cult like food items on their menu. Some people are crazy enough to follow the items across the country to where they are being released next. Think of them as the Grateful Dead hippies of fast food.  Items such as the Shamrock Shake from McDonalds in March, or their McRib, Wendy’s “Lenten only” fish filet sandwich and Burger Kings Angry Whopper, piled high with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and onion rings. Heck there’s tons of memes out there devoted to such food items. However, none of these can compare to what just hit the streets a few weeks ago. What’s that you say? What could be better than a highly processed pork product reformed into a rib-like shape and drenched in cheap BBQ sauce? Well friends buckle up and sit down because Uncle Paddy’s going to take you to school. Drum roll please…..Taco Bells Beefy Crunch Burrito. I already hear the groans and “all what’s all this noise over just a burrito for?” How dare you! If you are Psshhhhing this article right row you obliviously haven’t made you mouth happy by trying one.

            Taco Bell starts building their masterpiece with the predicable flour tortilla and their ground beef mixture. No surprises there, just deliciousness. Here’s when they start changing the game.  On top of the ground beef, they add their Spanish rice (doesn’t sound out of the box yet?).  Here it comes…the fourth level of flavor in this burrito of love is nacho cheese sauce followed by sour cream….. wait for it…… yes, flaming hot Frito’s corn chips.. Say what?!  Because why add lettuce when you can add flaming hot chips for added crunch and flavor? Well played Taco bell well played.

The first bite into the burrito will overwhelm your taste buds with a savory flavor from their ground beef and sour cream, salty from their rice, spicy from their nacho cheese sauce, soft from the tortilla and crunchy from the chips. Which I would like to add, is here more for texture and flavor than heat. I consider myself a connoisseur of hot style chips and while these have all the ear markings of a flaming hot chip with color and look, they are not spicy by hot chip standards. Furthermore, who hasn’t put chips in a sandwich a time or too? Its okay we are all among friends no shame or judgment here it’s amazing right? There’s something about a chips crunch in a sandwich that takes me back to my childhood. I think it has to do with trying to eat lunch quicker so I could go out and play. I would add the chips to my sandwich to shave a few minutes off of my eating time to allow for more play time. And who would have thought that it would’ve paid off so big? Just look at me now, “Top of the world mom!”Now it may sound cliché but you want to keep eating it bite after bite. It has just enough spice not to be considered hot or spicy like their volcano items but enough to let you know, “hey there’s something more here than just you ordinary burrito.”

            To me Taco Bell hit a home run with this burrito. It arguably deserves to be among the greats of cult fast food items like the McRib and Shamrock Shake. And for .99 cents how can you go wrong?  Its filling, satisfying and cheap do yourself a favor and live mas for once.