Gamer’s Nosh: Lay’s Chicken & Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha

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“I bet you can’t just eat one” is a challenge I know I’m going to lose and always glad to. Last summer Lays asked America to pick the next best flavor with a little help from famous Chef Michael Symon and a Desperate House Wife (I’m guessing for sex appeal?) Thousands of entries have been placed and they have been narrowed down the final three. Drum roll please…….Chicken and Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha.

At first look all I see are stereotypes…um I mean “demographics”. Chicken and Waffles for the urban group, Cheesy Garlic Bread for the white trash or middle class and Sriracha (better known as rooster sauce) for the hipsters (that are too bourgeoisie for Franks Red Hot). Compared to last week’s Nosh, I was excited to take this on and put my community college pallet to the test.

Up first the urban treat, Chicken and Waffles. Don’t get me wrong, I love soul food and specially the soul food from the Dirty D ( Detroit to the rest of world). As I opened the bag the first smell that hit me was one that was sweet. The chip looked like a regular potato chip with a darker seasoning, almost dirty looking. The flavor of the chip was sweet with a hint of chicken. However because of the sweet syrup flavor, depending on the chips seasoning, you either got a syrup flavored chicken in a biscuit or a flavor that’s tastes just like dunking a sausage into syrup. Overall I enjoyed them but this flavor is a total novelty the only thing missing was the Mr. T start up kit and a 40 oz. Don’t know if I should be offended by this….

After a pallet cleansing, I popped open the Cheesy Garlic Bread. As soon as you popped open this bag it smelled of garlic, no surprises there. The chip was yellowish in color with a green flakes through the seasoning. The taste was very good but a bit strong in garlic. However it feels like a doppelganger of their Sour Cream and Cheddar chip, just with green flakes and a crap ton of garlic flavor. Even with a small grab bag the garlic flavor was enough to make me take a break from snacking. Now don’t get me wrong they are good, but I didn’t get all excited like a middle aged women at Olive Garden. Each bite sweeping me away to Tuscany….

Ah, last but not least was the hipster Sriracha. Popping open the bag I was disappointed with looking at them. Just like the hot chips, they are red but just not drenched in the red. I assumed they would be just the same in flavor, just a rebranding to sucker people into buying a less hot, hot chip. However, upon tasting them, I was surprised. It had a slight vingar-esque bite upfront and a pleasant heat that wasn’t overpowering. I have tried the rooster sauce on its own and I know it can pack a punch, but Lays really dialed it down for the chip. It had heat but wasn’t so hot that I need to take a break to blow my nose. Why does that happen? I can’t be the only one that happens to?

If I had to lay my money down, Sriracha is going to win. Not only because it tastes the best, but it helps that it’s a well know brand name and not as gimmicky as the others. I know other counties have spoken and flavors like Barbecued Ham  and Pickled Cucumber have won in their respective countries. Maybe the urban group or white trash people will band together to beat out the hipsters. Who knows? You can voice you gluttonous opinion at or visit their Facebook page to let them know where you stand.