Gamers Nosh: It’s back! Who you going to call?

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Food is a fickle bitch. It’s filled with fads, gimmicks and more importantly disappointment after disappointment.  However, when I saw that Krispy Kreme was celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Ghost Busters release with themed donuts I was giddy. My pants got a little tighter…I’m going to let you think about that for a moment before moving on. Now there are two main reasons for this. One, its October and everything is pumpkin spiced flavored and I do mean everything. Enough! We get it! It’s good but damn it man pump the brakes.  And two it’s the Ghostbusters. Who in the hell does love the Ghostbusters?

There are a few things I know and understand about Krispy Kreme donuts even being a northerner.  When you see the red neon sign on that means their donuts are hot and fresh coming right off the line as you speak.  Another fact being people in the south swear by them just as much as the northerners love Dunkin Donuts and Canadians love their Tim Horton’s.  But, more importantly (and I do stress these last two facts about Krispy Kreme) is that no matter if you go in or the hit up the drive thru you will smell like a greasy donut fryer. That’s just fact!  Take it however you like but it will happen just like a gross kiss from one of your grandma’s friends when you’re younger. You can try to hide and not make eye contact but those dried out over lipsticked lips are going to find there was right upon yours. And lastly, after eating one your teeth will hurt from their sugary glaze for about a good day or so but it hasn’t stopped millions of people from pounding down their delicious treats every day.

Krispy Kreme has sent themselves apart from the other donuts giants in the game because of their sweet glaze and sweet creamy non-custard style filling that’s not offered by the other donut companies.   Now when it comes to the Ghostbusters Donut Krispy Kreme kept it simple. You have two choices, of which both are their standard round filled style of donut. However, it’s with the theme of the donut that it varies. Choice one has the Ghostbusters logo made out of sugar candy planted dead center with slimmer green lines sprouting all around it. The other is the face of the Stay Puft marshmallow man with his blue sailor style hat made from sugar candy. Both are filled with a marshmallow flavored creamy filling.

Upon opening the box of donuts I wasn’t disappointed everything looked as advertised so I dug in.  Everything about the donut screamed Krispy Kreme.  It was soft, sweet and after about the third bite my teeth began to hurt which only meant I had to eat quicker so I wouldn’t tap out before trying them both.  My only disappointment came from the fillings. I loved that they kept true to the theme of the movie and filled it with a marshmallow flavored filling. However, I wish the one donut with the Ghostbusters symbol on it had a dyed green ectoplasm slime style of cream filling. It would’ve tied in better with the top of the donut especially with the green frosting lines already there.  All in all it was a great donut with an even greater theme. I would highly recommend it to any fan of the movies as well as anybody who looking for a sweet treat this time a year that isn’t pumpkin flavored. So channel your inner Dana Barret and go to a Krispy Kreme and treat these donuts as if they were the key master and get them inside of you.


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