Gamers Nosh: It’s back! Now with 20% more gluttony!

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If there’s anything you know about me its three things. One, among my friends I’m considered the paranormal expert from my vast hour’s logged watching ghost hunting programs. Yeah, I’m pretty much a Warren. Two, I love poutine to the point of developing a ridiculous obsession with the food. And lastly, I have a big soft spot for southern comfort food. Yeah, I know two of the three things involve food, get off my back!  However, the third thing is the focus of this review.


2013 was the year of bacon.  Bacon everything, and I do mean everything. From bacon flavored mints, to scented pillows to chocolate covered bacon. If there was a way to add bacon flavor or bacon to something they did, to the point that dare I say, that bacon jumped the shark. This worries me deeply because I don’t want the next food item to do the same. Sadly, if it catches on, it will and it seems that it just may do so. So far 2014 is turning out to be the year of Chicken and Waffles. It’s popping up everywhere from fine dining, family dining, to fast food.  Its damn near everywhere and everyone has their own little twist. At its core it’s a simple dish and that’s what’s so beautiful about it, its simplicity. Sweet Buttermilk waffles topped with crispy crunchy fried chicken.  It’s hard to go wrong.   And imagine my surprise to see that White Castle, yes, White Castle, has thrown their hat into this ring.


Now, when you think of White Castle a few things come to mind. Diarrhea, yes of course, another is cheap wonderful sliders that can be consumed by the dozen to help sober you up. Either way it’s fantastic.  No matter how bad the gas you will develop from eating their onion chips, and yes, I haven’t met anyone who’s immune to them. However, as I pulled up to the drive-thru window I was excited that they offered a chicken and waffle slider for the southern comfort food lover on the go like me. I’m a busy guy, I have three small kids and as much as I would like I don’t have time to sit in ma’am maw’s kitchen and wait.  Hell, I don’t even have a ma’am maw, but that’s not the point.


White Castle offers a two for $5 on the sandwiches so why not right?  Upon opening the bag everything looked the same. Two small boxes linked together at the bottom of the bag. However, the sandwiches were wrapped individually in parchment paper placed in their boxes. The first thing you’ll notice when unwrapping is that instead of a regular hamburger bun, your bun is two small waffles. Sandwiched between them is a slider sized piece of breaded chicken. Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’ve never had White Castle chicken sandwich and I wasn’t expecting much. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be laced with the same mystery veins and gristle that comes with the original oval shaped chicken sandwich from Burger King.


The sandwich is a good size, slightly bigger than a traditional slider.  The waffle buns were a wee bit soggy but I wasn’t expecting a firm crispy waffle because of their packaging.  Waffles, as you know, lose their crispiness in a matter of seconds.  The chicken looked surprisingly good, a thicker cut that was batter coated and fried to a wonderful golden brown.  Ok, its taste time.  Upon first bite I was pleasantly surprised!  The waffle had a sweet maple flavor and the chicken was real chicken.  I’ll be damned!  It wasn’t a smooth uniformed processed meat inside. I could see the actual real chicken inside after looking into the sandwich after I took my bite.  Another shocking surprise was the sauce the used. It comes with a white country gravy sprinkled with chopped bacon pieces which offered and nice balance of heat from the black pepper, helping cut through the sweetness of the waffles.


On the whole the sandwich is solid. It will never replace the real thing but if you “have a taste”, as the say in the south, for chicken and waffles and don’t have time this will curb your craving until you can get the real thing.  Now this won’t be a regular menu item for me because they are heavy and filling but it’s something I will get again and I suggest you try also. And if that’s not enough to convince you, I had my picky five year old son try it and he even ate the whole thing. That’s has to say something right?











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