Gamers Nosh: Dunkin Donuts Glazed Donut Sandwich

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The great thing about food is that it is only limited to one’s own imagination and personal sense of dignity. More times than not those lines are blurred and something glorious is born and this sandwich is no exception to this. I introduce to you Dunkin’ Donuts glazed donut breakfast sandwich. Close your eyes for a moment and join me won’t you, on this magical combination of a sweet, savory, salty cornucopia of culinary wonderment.

            This is a “don’t judge the book by its cover” type of sandwich. At first most will probably reject the idea because of their own personal dignity but not me.  As you can see by the other food items that I’ve reviewed I don’t have any. This Picasso of foods starts off with a masterful foundation made from a dunkin donuts glazed donut. One thing I’ve noticed is that these donuts must be made special for this sandwich because they are sliced perfectly down the middle and not smooshed at all. And what’s nestled between these two sweet slices of donut you ask?  That’s where the real genius comes into play with flavor compliments and textures.  The basement layer of this sandwich starts with the bottom of the glazed donut then stacked upon that is an hard fried egg with black pepper which is topped then with crispy bacon and topped off with  the glazed donut lid.


Upon unwrapping the sandwich I was surprised to see that the glaze of the donut was still intact and the donut wasn’t sticky or soggy. First bite blew me away. It hit all the senses on my tongue. Sweet from the donut, salty and crunchy from the bacon and savory peppery bite from the egg which came in handy controlling the sweetness from the donut. Shockingly this sandwich is well balanced in flavor and texture and I cannot highly recommend it enough.  Now this sandwich can be freestyled by adding cheese or choosing sausage over bacon but who would ever turn down bacon right? It’s a nice welcomed detour from the hum drum normalcy of your breakfast routine, try one ASAP you will don’t be disappointed and don’t skip on the bacon!

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