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Thanks IDW Games for sending a copy of this over. I’ve played a bunch and each time enjoyed it. So let me make you an offer you can’t refuse!

GAME OVERVIEW: By adding a Moderator and some Secret Action Phases
, The Godfather: An Offer You Can’t Refuse is a new twist on the old Mafia game. The goal is similar, instead of being the last man standing, you either win as the Mafia or the Cops. I found it best played in a party setting with lots of players (up to 20, most I played it with was 10). There is also a shorter version of the game. The target of each versions are the same; get rid of the traitors.

GAME PLAY: There are several roles and each have different goals; Consigliere, Don Corleone, Cops, and Mafioso. You also need a Moderator to run the game. It’s also their job to move the game along and keep track of special roles and handles the Secret Action Phases.

Once the roles have dealt out the fun begins…

Essentially, the game is a series of negotiations. In each round of talks you vote on who you think is against the family and they get whacked.

These negotiations are really based on the card you draw. Say you draw Tessio, well, you know you, despite the calm demeanor, you’re a backstabber. Or you pull one of those big loud mouth Irish cops! The key is too really play it up, get into character. Get creative.

Once you figure out how’s on your side you want to keep them safe, so you want to accuse someone else. Now the Don and Consiliere have the power to accuse. Cops work together to arrest Mafasio. Again the more people the better.

Traitors win when there are more traitors then family and the family wins when all the traitors sleep with the fishes.

CONSTRUCTION: I haven’t had an IDW game let me down yet in this department. The cards have a nice matte lacquer finish, and have stood up to rigorous game play. I would’ve like the Moderator Screen to be on heavier card stock though.

ARTWORK:Corbyn S. Kern’s illustrated cards are gorgeous and capture the mood of the film. Only draw back there isn’t more of them to look at.

OVERALL: The Godfather: An Offer You Can’t Refuse is a really solid deductive and deceptive party game. I would say that can’t being a really experienced player in these type of games where you have made stuff up took some getting use to. Once I added some veteran gamers though, it really took off. It’s also most enjoyed with fans of the film.

Kudos to co-creators Nathan McNair and Nate Murray, for keeping true to the original film. The coolest part of the game, is if you’re the Don, you get to play the Horse Head card. Which is still one of the best scenes in cinema history.

I can’t say this game is for everyone cause nothing is, but those of you who enjoy the genre will defiantly find it to their liking. Also, the quick version is great of parties and newbie players.

So my advice…”Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” And play this game!

Purchase The Game Here on Amazon!

Bonus: Interview With Co-Creater Nate Murray Coming This Week! Stay Tuned!

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