Game Review: THE GAME !

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Thanks IDW Games for sending a copy of this over. I’ve played about 20 games or so now, and though it can be frustrating I’ve throughly enjoyed it. Let’s delve deeper into why this mind screw so fun to play…

GAME OVERVIEW: The Game asks one question: Can you beat it? Most board and card games want you to win, it might take a bit to figure out how to do that, but they want you beat it. With The Game I’m so sure. The Game is German in origin, probably thought up an SS officer wanting to torture Pols or something, ok I’ll walk that back…but playing can make you want to pull out your own fingernails. Why? Because it seems so simple: you just have to discard 98 cards into 4 piles, two piles for cards 1-100, and two piles for cards 100-1. Easy, right. Nope. Incredibly hard, but so addictive.

GAME PLAY: 4 card If you play with 3 to 5 people each person is dealt 6 cards (7 cards if only two players). On each turn you must discard two cards into one of the four piles, it doesn’t matter which pile. You can play more than two cards. After you have played the two card minimum you must draw another two or equal to whatever number of cards you played. Remember the goal is to play all 98 cards.

Turn example: Say the player in front of me played a 85 in the 100-1 pile. I have 83 so placing it there would be a good move, but say the highest card I have is a 68. If I placed it there it would make it more difficult to discard cards 84-67. You want to keep the distance between numbers as short as possible. Remember cards must ascend or descend in value depending on what pile their in; example 4,9,15 or 55,49,47,40. You can reverse the order though, it works ascending or descending. Say there’s a 47 in the 1 to 100 pile, you can play a 37 to get those numbers back if you will. It would the same in the descending pile if you had a 78 and a 68. Cards must 10 digits part exactly. It sounds easy but it’s actually much harder to pull off, especially in a two player game.

Teamwork is allowed during the game. You can do everything but show the player your hand or say you what cards you are holding. But you can hint that a move is poor or helpful. This is probably one of the best parts of the game, figuring what move to make.

CONSTRUCTION: Solid, sturdy cardboard box. No frills but does the job. Cards are crisp with a nice coat of protective spray on them. No issues with bending or wrapping after 20 games or so.

ARTWORK:Not really that much here, but that skull on the box is menacing.

OVERALL: The Game is great for parties, couples or playing on your own. Which kind of makes it perfect for casual and serious gamers. Is it the greatest game ever invented? No, that’s Mousetrap, duh. But,if you enjoy a challenge The Game is for you! Highly recommended.