Gaiman brings Angela to the Age of Ultron

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Remember back when Age of Ultron was first announced by the bigwigs over at Marvel, and they said you would never guess the ending to it? Well, after being only 3 issues into it, the super-secret ending has practically been revealed.

It was recently announced that the finale of Age of Ultron, issue #10, will be written by none other than Neil Gaiman. Also announced was the addition of Angela (the scantily-clad, angelic bounty hunter from Spawn over at Image Comics) into the Marvel Comics Universe. Angela will make her first appearance in Age of Ultron before heading over to Guardians of the Galaxy #5, where she may or may not be a full-time member. GOTG #5 will be written by both Gaiman and the series’ main writer, Brian Michael Bendis.

When Newsarama asked what he thought about Angela’s transition to Marvel Comics, Todd McFarlane (Spawn’s creator, and co-creator of Angela) said that he will “sit back and be as interested as anyone else.” Pretty strong words after spending years battling Gaiman in court for the rights to Angela, Cogliostro, and Medieval Spawn, which was settled in an undisclosed agreement between the two in January of last year. McFarlane has recently said that Angela does belong to Gaiman, however.

Last anyone has seen of Angela was when she died in issue #100 of Spawn, in a battle against Malebolgia. She first appeared in Spawn #9 back in 1993, and the next time you can see her is when she joins Marvel Comics in Age of Ultron #10 which hits shelves in June.

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