INTERVIEW: Fright Rags Founder Ben Scrivens

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If you’re dig the horror scene (chances are pretty good that you do if you’re reading this), you are no doubt into horror collectables and gear. Especially t-shirts right? C’mon, you have about a 1,000 of them.

Do you know of Fright Rags? You really need to check it out. Not only do they offer high quality shirts and swag, but it’s completely original stuff. There’s nothing worse than wearing the same t-shirt that every fool yanked off the Hot Topic (it’s still around, right?) wall, am I wrong here? No.

Fright Rags has created some righteous plunder, from honoring properties, like: Halloween, Tales of the Crypt, Leatherface, Garbage Pail Kids, EC Comics, and many, many more; like their newest for the holidays: the cult classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Every tee is limited on Fright Rags. Created by kicking artists. Once the run is over; it’s now in the Graveyard. Like a zombie, the only way for the design to reanimate is if it’s voted back.

Check it…so I was able to ask Fright Rags creator Ben Scrivens, a complete horror geek, a few questions. I wished I could’ve asked him, being an ole’ retail guy myself, and fellow movie nerds, but time is money.


Duff: What makes Fright-Rags different from other horror t-shirt sites?

Ben Scrivens: I think what sets us apart is that we come from a place of pure fandom when developing our products which helps produce a variety of designs rather than just slapping some key art on a shirt.

Is there a series or character you would like to do but can’t or haven’t got to yet?

Ben Scrivens:Great question. I’ve been personally lucky to have worked with some of my most favorite properties, and we’ve just signed some new licenses which I cannot wait to sink my teeth into. I have always wanted to do something Chucky-based…and luckily we will get the opportunity to do just that very soon!

3. What’s your favorite horror films?

Ben Scrivens: My all-time favorite film (regardless of genre) is John Carpenter’s Halloween. After that, I gravitate towards films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead (’68), Silver Bullet, Friday the 13th part 3, and countless others.

4. Christmas is almost here…still time to order? and what do you recommend?

Ben Scrivens:Yup! US customers can order up to Friday, December 19 at 3pm EST. As for my recommendation, you can’t go wrong with our new Silent Night, Deadly Night shirts! (purchase them here at:


Here are those sweet Silent Night, Deadly Night swag Ben’s talking about: