First Look: Ryan K Lindsay and Alex Cormack: Stain The Seas Scarlet

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Ryan K. Lindsay and Alex Cormack have teamed up for a new space noir, Stain the Seas Scarlet! Kicking off after Halloween is their new Kickstarter, you maybe familiar with Ryan K. Lindsay, he’s worked on books such as Beautiful Canvas and Deer Editor! Alex Cormack joins him on art too, so you know you’re getting a high quality book with these two power houses! Take a look!:


“When Yelena’s planet has just about been successfully driven beneath the bootheel of the scumbag robot terraforming army, she throws a Hail Mary play. She takes the fight to them, via her diplomatic sell out sister, and she fails.

Or does she?

What comes next is a wild ride of spacesuit noir that’s my take on a 70s revenge flick with our wandering hero loose in space.

This comic is 100% made and completely ready to deliver.”


“Alex Cormack is amazing. The world recently lost their mind over his work on SINK, with John Lees through ComixTribe, and his work on this comic is superb as he brings gristle and emotion to the page.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou letters with the style that’s making him a stadium-filling favourite across all the continents.

Dan Hill edits his ass off to make this a better book. He is smart, has edited most of my other creator owned books, and his name is quickly becoming a signifier of sharp erudition.

And I’m Ryan K Lindsay, and I’ve written what were hopefully some of your favourite indie miniseries of the past few years – BEAUTIFUL CANVAS with Sami Kivela at Black Mask, NEGATIVE SPACE with Owen Gieni at Dark Horse, and HEADSPACE with Eric Zawadzki at Monkeybrain/IDW.”

For more information, watch the video below!: