New Images of Guardians of the Galaxy Surface, Trailer Imminent

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We finally get some more official looks at Guardians of the Galaxy, thanks to USA Today. Below are a few images that the website has released, as well as a promise that we can expect a trailer to be aired on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (11:35 ET/PT). The pictures are our first glimpse at the cast, aside from the lineup image floating around the web and a slew of bootleg videos of comic book convention sneak peaks that some of us have been lucky enough to catch on YouTube before they’re taken down. The first image is a look at the Guardians, and the following images are of Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord (played by Parks and Recreations’ Chris Pratt), and a glimpse of a spacecraft leaving what looks like an alien planet.

When asked about the movie and if Gunn is ready for a major summer blockbuster, he likens the situation to an indie band making it big and the hordes of hipsters suddenly giving up on them. “All of a sudden, Arcade Fire becomes incredibly popular: ‘I don’t know if I like them that much anymore.’ I’ll happily deal with the cool people not thinking I’m cool anymore and making bigger movies!” Actor Chris Pratt, whose character is a product of the 1980’s, says “Being stuck in space with no accountability makes for a strange combination of youthful vibrancy and cluelessness in a childlike man” and goes on to say “He does some things that most people wouldn’t get away with. But part of his arc is being willing to essentially sacrifice himself for the greater good of other people.”






Guardians of the Galaxy will open in theaters on August 1st, 2014. The movie stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Benicio del Toro, Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Glenn Close, John C. Reilly, and features the voices of Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel (as Rocket Raccoon and Groot, respectively).

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