FILM REVIEW: Kilo Two Bravo

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There’s no job more dangerous than being a soldier. These men and women are willing to risk their lives, day in and day out, to ensure our safety and freedom. It’s not just American military, it can be the military from (almost) anywhere. The military in question for this particular film, KILO TWO BRAVO, we will be discussing the British military. Based on a true story, this film basically plays out in a single location, delivering one of the most intense experiences you could have with modern cinema. Director Paul Katis wants you to remember there were British soldiers in Afghanistan with a story just as important as anything we may have already known about our own occupation within the territory.

Helmand, Afghanistan is home to the Kajaki Dam, a major source of power for the province. In September of 2006, British soldiers were occupying the area, there to engage the Taliban. While out on patrol, one of the soldiers is making his way through a dried out river bed where he encounters a landmine, losing his leg. The rest of the unit rushes to his aid only to discover the river bed itself is nothing but a trap left over from the Russian occupation of the area twenty five years prior. The entire area is filled with landmines and every step they make could potentially be the last. With help supposedly on the way, they’re trapped in the heat, unable to move, and men bleeding to death from their wounds. They will have to rely on their years of training if they’re to survive the desparate situation they have found themselves in.

As intense as THE HURT LOCKER was, KILO TWO BRAVO amps that up by ten, grips you by the throat, and never lets up until the final credits scroll. This is the first feature film from director Paul Katis and out of the gate he shows just how skilled he is at storytelling. He takes a true life tragic event and brings it back to life for the screen with an “in your face” attitude, never shying away from the horrors of war. He graphically depicts the explosions and the damage it causes the human body in horrific detail. His cast may be relative unknowns but their ability to give life to these true-life heroes is nothing short of amazing. Films like this remind us why soldiers are and should always be regarded as heroes. The situation these men had to face and how they dealt with it is inspiring and their story is worth remembering. Katis depicts the stiuation with care and expertly paces the story, gripping you with every opportunity available to him. And just so you know, watching the film you will wonder what happened to the real life soldiers who are presented in the film, a pre-credits sequence will update you on these amazing individuals and how this event has changed their lives. KILO TWO BRAVO is an important film, masterfully told, always focusing on the bravery and heart of the British military.

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