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Exists Trailer

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We last brought you news on Eduardo Sanchez’s Exists in march. The trailer is out and I’m excited. More excited then when I discovered my first boner… Well maybe not that excited, but you get the point. I know this movie has nothing to do with possession and you’re are probably thanking Jeebus. I know what you’re thinking Jake has become the new Pat replacing AHS news with Possession films. Well my love for possession films will never die!!! Just like my love for girls with big boobs, or Dan Stevens. This movie looks like the Sasquatch movie we’ve always wanted. A horror Harry and the Hendersons if you will. It’s not surprising coming from Eduardo Sanchez though. Yes Eduardo is one of SJP’s man crushes, but with good reason.  His movies give me the same joy I discovered when I traded a Wayne Gretzky hockey card for my first Pamela Anderson Playboy, with less masturbation… Because of this I’m putting this film on Jake Watch 2014. Exists hits theatres October 24th.

Synopsis: A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.

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