EXCLUSIVE SCENE: Volumes of Blood

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With the Halloween season upon us (for some of us it’s all year round), the demand for horror movies are smashing through the roof. Every Tom, Dick, and Sally are out looking for films to watch and I’m willing to bet they’ll grab just about anything with a groovy cover. I would like to make a suggestion to all those people: take your time and seek out films that are actually worthwhile. It may not be readily available yet, but VOLUMES OF BLOOD has been making waves on the convention circuit and the buzz surrounding the film is well deserved. It’s a fantastic horror anthology by a talented group of filmmakers (you can read my review here). If the trailer, the fact it’s an Official Selection at the Fright Nigh Film festival on October 17, and my recommendation aren’t enough to peak your interest, then maybe this clip will do the trick. It’s not just some throwaway scene either, it’s a DEATH SCENE!! So check it out make this flick a priority.

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