Exclusive Look: Gorilla My Dreams: Mime of my Life

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There is a reason why we need more comic books about Gorillas in superhero costumes, and Gorilla my Dreams is that exact reason. Written by Big Tim Stiles and drawn by Ahmed Raafat, we follow the story of Knockaround-guy, a Gorilla in a superhero suit protecting the streets of Struggle Town while your standard superpowered hero is stopping alien invasions. Think if Magilla got a gritty noir Batman reboot, and right now we have an exclusive preview of their upcoming printed book! Take a look:

You can also read the webcomic version here!

“Gorilla my Dreams: Mime of my Life is a 32 page, Black and White One-Shot describe as: “Batman: The Animated Series mashed into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if Saturday morning cartoons came on after 10 pm.”

Knockaround-Guy feels like he’s a fraud. He is a self-proclaimed superhero who isn’t taken seriously by the A-Listers of Struggle-Town. As a result, he’s left to investigate the weird and unusual crimes beneath their notice.

But when a street mime is found dead (asphyxiated inside an actual invisible box), Knockaround-Guy soon finds himself wading through the ugly and dangerous underbelly of Struggle-Town.

After meeting Margot le Dieu, the beautiful, grieving fiancé of the deceased, Knockaround-Guy’s investigations lead from The North Poles Strip Club, through a slew of colourful criminals, and finally point to crime kingpin Lucifer and his Killer Klown Syndicate.

Knockaround-Guy and Margot decide to take the fight to the local crime boss and his crew, even if it kills them.”

-Quoted from Kickstarter (link below)

Check out the preview pages below and read up more on their Kickstarter

Also, check out his video for his Kickstarter!