Exclusive Look: Blood and Gourd Issue 3!

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Alright, guys, Blood and Gourd is back and ready to terrorize with issue 3! We are taking a look now, our friend Jenz K. Lund is itching to tell you about the new upcoming issue:

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It’s Devil’s Night in Olympia, WA – and out at Henderson Farms, the festivities are reaching a crescendo. Young and old have gathered to pick their own pumpkin, drink hot apple cider, and partake in the usual pumpkin farm fare. However, something has awakened from deep within the fertile soil. After years of abuse and humiliation, the pumpkins are ready…to pick US! You can beg! You can plead! You can scream! But these hell’s lanterns are lit only with a burning desire to: Watch. You. Die!

Fans have been clamoring for a third issue of the award-winning Blood & Gourd series for too long!

Issue #3 is wilder! Gorier! Scarier! And set for a May 2018 release! The Kickstarter for Issue #3 (click HERE for the campaign page which can also be accessed with: webleedhalloween.com) will run through November 23rd, covering both of the major pumpkin holidays! We have a variety of rewards available, and an Early Bird incentive running through Halloween.

Blood & Gourd Issue #3: Children of the Vine, rolls us right back into the Cucurbita chaos! A handful of survivors, including Kitty and Mason, find temporary respite in the corn maze, but will they find a way out before The Gourdfather and his minions make pumpkin gelato out of their brains? Calvin and Vern make a gruesome discovery, little Sasha finds what’s lurking in the greenhouse basement, and Mister Pleasant demonstrates how evil can choke the roots of any family tree.

Dead Peasant is a 100% artist owned and operated indie publisher. Through crowd-funding and sheer determination, its team has successfully conjured up one of the most bizarre, offbeat, and exciting comic book series in years. Blood & Gourd is like EC Comics meets classic cult horror in 2017!

The Dead Peasant team features:

Jenz K. Lund: Writer/Creator (Dead Peasant)

Jonas Scharf: Art (BOOM! Studios, Waxwork Comics)

Fran Gamboa: Colors: (IDW, Image, Zenescope, and Dynamite)

Additional contributors to Issue #3 and/or the Kickstarter rewards include: Rocio Canteros (Zenescope), Nick Gucker (Nick the Hat), Roberta Ingranata (Image, Top Cow), John Macleod (Cömic Räwk, Strange Kids Club), Phil Postma (Minion Factory, Strange Kids Club), JC Ruiz (Zenescope), and Greg Smith (Oni Press).


Print copies of Issue #1 and #2 are available now at bloodandgourd.com and on ComiXology.

  • I feel like this entire premise would be ripe pickings for a classic-styled B-movie.