Exclusive Interview: Miles Gunter and Kelsey Shannon: Dark Fang

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Alright everyone, the new environmental story is here from Miles Gunter and Kelsey Shannon, but now we get to learn more of this awesome series from the creators themselves!

First off, What is Dark Fang about?

Miles: Dark Fang is the story of a vampire who realizes that climate change will eventually wipe out her food supply (humans), so she sets out to take down the fossil fuel industry.

What came about the development of Dark Fang? Why an environmental story?

Miles: Fang was largely born out of the anger and frustration I feel towards people either denying or having an apathetic attitude towards climate change; especially politicians and pundits of a certain persuasion. It is not a political issue and it drives me crazy when I see disinformation saying it is. This is the biggest problem we currently face as a species and our current President either doesn’t care or thinks it’s fake news. He won’t even take a definitive stand on it. It’s disgraceful.

As a writer I started day dreaming: who could force fossil fuel companies to stop? I started thinking about vampires and how they would be alarmed by climate change because if mankind gets wiped out, they’d lose their blood supply.

Kelsey: So many stories are self referential and rarely look beyond the confines of their own pages, why not have a fun story AND talk about something meaningful?

You don’t normally see a vampire live under water, why particularly aquatic setting rather than a jungle or forest?

Miles: That’s what I would do if I was a vampire. You don’t have to breathe or worry about pressure so why not go hang out on the bottom of the ocean for a century.

Kelsey: It’s a nice place to get some sleep.

Kelsey, your art work is vibrant and incredibly colorful, why not a darker more grittier art style?

Kelsey: Just look at Don Bluth’s The Secret of Nimh or any Anime ever. It’s like a good meal, with lots of flavors. Going all dark all the time is like eating fast food fish. There’s just no joy in it.

How can a vampire not prune under water? Please explain the science behind it.

Miles: I’m not a vampire scientist so I can only speculate that she doesn’t prune because she is a two dimensional figure created in a computer and printed on paper. Seriously, vampires aren’t affected by sea water. Does nothing to them. Holy water however…

Kelsey: Magic.

So, the Jelly fish can just make her a dress? Is the dress the Jelly fish or is the jelly fish the dress?

Miles: The jelly fish is the dress and the dress is the jelly fish.

Kelsey: The Jelly fish could also make you a sandwich if you’re nice enough.

Was any of this inspired by watching a lot of Captain Planet?

Miles: Bad animation is never an inspiration for anything.

Kelsey: I discovered the joys of sex before that came out.

What sets this horror story apart from others? Besides its environmental theme.

Miles: I don’t think of Fang as a horror story. It’s closer to the dynamics of a superhero comic. If people want to think of it as a horror story then that’s fine, but our goal is to do something unique that doesn’t fall into the trappings of traditional genre.

Kelsey: It’s awesome.

How will Valla evolve as a character?

Miles: The more time she spends on the surface world, the more it will influence how she behaves and the approach she takes to her mission. She may be pursuing a task that could be beneficial to mankind, but she’s still an apex predator. She feeds off humans. That’s not going to change even if the world brings her back in touch with her human side. Valla’s immortality gives her an enormous appetite and that’s something that can potentially create problems for her.

What went into developing Valla as a character, her personality and her care for the environment and her design?

Miles: Typically it involves me making offerings to the Hindu God Ganesha to help me manifest cool content. I’ll offer him candles and incense and eat a Reeses in his name. Mercury is also a big help in any kind of creative endeavor. Ancient technology is where it’s at kids!

How is it possible for her to seduce people on camera!? 

Miles: Valla’s powers of mesmerism are able to extend through a technological interface. If someone looks at a screen displaying a live image of her, and she stares into the camera- then she’s got you.

Kelsey: We are hypnotized all day long by the soul vampires of the internet and television. Is it so hard to believe that a being of immense power could use that? The Government does it all the time.

What other adventures will Valla face in the future? Any other monsters or hazards?

Miles: Valla is extremely powerful. The challenge is to come up with adversaries that are more powerful, and that present a real threat. Otherwise there is no tension. She’ll face her first big challenge over the course of the first arc. To be more specific would ruin any surprises we have in store. And there are quite a few..

Kelsey: Oh hell yes! We want to bring a sense of scale that is sorely missing from today’s comic book experience. Get ready for one of a kind thrills, chills, and spills, that you can ONLY get from comics.


Dark Fang #1 is in your local comic shop…NOW! 

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