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Director Jeremy Wooding pulled off the seemingly unimaginable – crafting a terrific American western, complete with horror elements, with an all-British cast in Britain. Blood Moon is one of the filmish delights of the year.

Duff: Congratulations on the movie. You must be really enjoying those reviews?

It’s good to see film writers liking this oddity of a movie. It was an ambitious and risky movie to make. We stuck our necks out on this one, so yeah, thanks to those who have given it the thumbs up.
Duff: They may not admit it, but all filmmakers take notice of reviews right?

Unless you are a very established filmmaker and don’t think you have anything to learn from someone pointing out the pluses and minuses of your work. Reviewers are audience as well, albeit a more informed audience (sometimes).

Duff: Do you google your name or the film to see what people are saying about it?

Sure, if I have time. But it doesn’t mean that much often, just opinions. I prefer to sit with audiences from different backgrounds and see their reactions, and hear what they say as they come out the cinema. I think you grow a second skin the longer you spend in the film and TV business, but you’ve just got to be aware, eyes wide open, how your film is going down. For better or for worse.

Duff: What’s one thing about independent filmmaking that most people probably aren’t aware of?

That movies aren’t just for Christmas. You live with them for the rest of your life. And… it’s really hard to make a good living in the indie movie business.

Duff: Has Blood Moon opened doors for you, personally?

It has put me back on the Indie map after having made my first film (Bollywood Queen) 13 years ago and being selected for Sundance Film Festival. It hasn’t translated into offers from Hollywood though, if that’s what you mean.

Duff: Most filmmakers have had to do other jobs while waiting for one of their films to hit big, do you wear another hat?

I do whatever pays the bills. I teach filmmakers, actors, I make industrial films, and I make commercials or TV programmes when I get offered them – which isn’t often these days, as people think when you have a film out you are off in Hollywood movie land, ha.

Duff: What are you most proud of about Blood Moon?

That we made it against the odds. We didn’t have the finance in place until a week into shooting. You need nerves of steel in this business…

Blood Moon is released September 1 on DVD and VOD


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