Eric England’s Contracted Gets U.S. Distribution

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Way back in April of this year Eric England was cool enough to call into Podcast #36 ( CLICK HERE to take a listen) Although he was on talking mostly about Roadside( yet to get distribution, but a solid flick) he did talk a little about Contracted and I got all sorts of nerd excited over it. Take a look at the plot and tell me that doesn’t sound like a Cronenberg flick… Well Cronenberg before he met Viggo.

PLOT: The film follows a girl named Samantha who engages in a casual one-nigh-stand with a stranger and begins to show symptoms of what she assumes is a sexually transmitted disease. Eventually, it begins to reveal itself as something far more disturbing and horrific.

Sounds like a fucked up movie. Just the way I like em’! Word just came out a couple days ago that IFC Midnight picked up the US distribution and will be releasing it this Novemeber! Ah VOD you’ve have become a horror fans best friend. If this sounds like your kind of movie head in over and check out the Contracted Facebook Page for updates or keep checking back here!

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