Duff’s 5 Fave Horror Films Currently on Netflix

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Unless you have joined the newest doomsday cult or living among monks for the last few years, you probably have a Netflix account. If you don’t, I feel bad for you son.

So just in time for Halloween…

Below, in no particular order, are some of my favorite horror related films.  If you agree or don’t agree, let me know in the comments below.

invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_xlg1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, Leonard Nimoy, Art Hindle, Lelia Goldoni, Kevin McCarthy, Robert Duvall
San Francisco biologist Elizabeth Driscoll (Brooke Adams) turns to health inspector Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland) for help when her live-in beau begins acting odd — and distant. Matthew and Elizabeth notice that suddenly almost everyone around them has become impassive. When their friends discover a developing doppelgänger in their commercial mud baths, the foursome realizes an alien invasion is under way. Can they stop it?

Thoughts: Maybe not technically a horror film, but it’s amazing non the else. You’ll never look at plant life the same way again.  This is just creepy.




notldmar142. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, Keith Wayne, Judith Ridley, Adam Knox
As dead bodies inexplicably return to life and feast on human flesh, young Barbara (Judith O’Dea) joins a group of survivors in a farmhouse hoping to protect themselves from the hordes of advancing zombies. But soon enough, only one person remains. Writer-director George A. Romero’s low-budget horror classic continues to inspire heebie- jeebies, in part because of the randomness of the zombies’ targets.

Thoughts: The Zombie film that started it all.  I still measure up all zombie’s to this one.  The black and white just makes the chills a little more icy.




fido_ver3_xlg3. Fido (2006)
Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker, Henry Czerny, Tim Blake Nelson, Sonja Bennett, Rob LaBelle
Director Andrew Currie’s imaginative horror-comedy follows the misadventures of typical boy-next-door Timmy Robinson (K’Sun Ray) and his very unusual pet — a loyal, lumbering zombie named Fido (Billy Connolly). Problems arise when Fido breaks loose and noshes on a neighbor. Timmy is suddenly forced into damage-control mode while he tries to persuade his parents (Carrie-Anne Moss and Dylan Baker) to keep Fido.

Thoughts:   The undead have a heart too, ya know.  Billy Connolly is always good, and this might be his best. It’s like Leave to Beaver of the Apocalypse. Dig it.




4.Fright Night (198frightnight5)
Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Roddy McDowall, Stephen Geoffreys, Jonathan Stark
Nobody believes teenager Charley Brewster when he discovers that his suave new neighbor is a vampire. So when the bloodsucker starts stalking Charley, he turns to has-been actor Peter Vincent, famed for portraying a ghoul hunter.

Thoughts: Great 80’s camp.  We’ve all wondered about that weirdo neighbor lurking about next door….well he just be a blood sucking vampire.





scream_xlg5.Scream (1996) – 2 & 3 currently streaming as well!
Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Kennedy, Liev Schreiber, Kevin Patrick Walls, Raymond J. Barry, W. Earl Brown, Lawrence Hecht
Horror maven Wes Craven — paying homage to teen horror classics such as Halloween and Prom Night — turns the genre on its head with this tale of a murderer who terrorizes hapless high schooler Sidney Prescott by offing everyone she knows.

Thoughts: As a teenager in the late 90’s, there was no bigger horror move than Scream.  Not only did it have great laughs, clever jabs, but it was a first-rate teenage horror flick.  Craven is a master for a reason.




These are some of my favorites, but Netflix has a ton more streaming right now, like: The Blair Witch Project, Re-Animator, Rosemary’s Baby, Dead Snow, Night of the Creeps, Red State, World War Z, Carrie, Candyman, and From Dusk ‘Till Dawn. Again let us know what you’re watching right now?