Drunken Monkey Movie Review Series: Puppet Master V – The Final Chapter (1994)

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After all the crap I’ve been watching lately, this better measure up to the first four or imma be pissed. In the American sense and the British one…and where the hell did I leave my damn glasses??

Welcome to the next installment in my Puppet Master series review. REMEMBER: I may reveal a spoiler or two because my editor is dulling the pain of his latest manscaping adventure.

Puppet Master V: The Final Chapter (suuuuure it is) picks up where we left off in 4. Rick is in custody where he explains exactly what happened. Naturally the police don’t believe that story and concoct one of their own: super smart robot Rick built little robots to murder his scientist coworkers. That would explain Blade, the puppet they found at the scene and are currently holding in evidence. (SPOILER: he doesn’t remain there). Dr. Jennings, the acting director at Omega, bails Rick out and is VERY interested in what happened at the hotel with the puppets.

Wow that sounded like a whole different kind of film…

How YOU doin’?

While Rick and his gal pal, Susie, worry about the puppets and getting them to safety, Jennings wants to steal at least one. The private investors, who are stepping in after the government took their financial ball and went home, won’t hand over one shiny penny until they see proof of these miraculous creatures.

And at the same time, the Demon god, Sutekh, has linked himself to his final special demon puppet (special because it has a cape?) and sends it to the topworld to kick some major human ass. Lucky for Rick and Susie, their psychic friend, Lauren (who’s been in a coma since the end of #4), can pick up on the demon’s energy and warn our intrepid good guys via the computer in Rick’s room.

After Toulon makes another visit via the Decapitron, our puppets have an epic final battle with Sutekh and his evil spawn and save the day.

As much as I’m still enjoying this franchise, PM5 is basically the same movie as 4. Same puppets, same heroes, same demon, same motivations. Toulon stole the secret to immortality. Sutekh is pissed off about it. Demon kills off people via his little spawn. Puppets save the day. Fights, explosions, blood, death. It even flashes back to the previous film for about 10 minutes of filler. Makes sense since=, apparently, 4 & 5 were supposed to be filmed as one movie. Even the ritual performed by Sutekh to link himself to his puppet felt like packing peanuts, though it resulted in some awesome ‘accidental’ horror porn: “I am growing inside you!”

That’s right, bitch. Take it all!

Stop motion puppet action is still in play. The story hasn’t so much expanded in this installment, seeing as it’s basically the same film as the previous. It was nice to see a few familiar faces but, again, how could we not when it’s the same story? Jennings was a decent bad guy but really not slimy enough for my tastes. He, the nameless donors, the generic thugs he hired to steal the puppets… felt like they were thrown in half-assed to just hurry up and get the screenplay finished.

Aside from my nitpicks, it’s still an enjoyable film. I like that it holds the same style and feel as the first four films. A worthy installment in the franchise.

3.5 Margaritas (out of 5)



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