Gamer’s Nosh: Doritos Loco Cool Ranch Taco

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After the first bite of Taco Bells Nacho Doritos taco first thought that came to mind was “Man, they should make this in cool ranch flavor” and they did. It wasn’t until a year later, to the day, that it would come to be. And now that long, ever so long, year has come and yes noshers, I was there opening day waiting in line just like those crazy people on Black Friday waiting for those great bargains.  However, my line was a sad lonely line filled with people with nothing better to do than get a taco at 10:30 in the morning. Yes that’s right 10:30,  the time of day that you seem like a loser that couldn’t get out of bed in time for breakfast or that your gluttonous drive is telling you, “Yeah, so what, it’s breakfast time. I want to pregame lunch with a light lunch yeah, so basically a step above the larpers on the nerd food chain.”

After swallowing my pride, I purchased two tacos. One was a supreme and the other a regular taco.  I wanted to have the experience of both. Upon receiving them I noticed they are packed in a same fashion as their predecessors in the cardboard pocket shaped holder like a taco wallet cradling my treat. Like most of their products the only difference between the supreme and regular was that the supreme came with sour cream and diced tomatoes.  When I unwrapped them, you could notice that these were definitely cool ranch taco shells.  The shells had a lighter corn color just like the chips and the shell was sprinkled with the cool ranch flavor goodness, giving it an almost a Christmas theme of red and green specks throughout the shell. 

Now it was taste time. First up, the regular non-sour cream filled taco, I wanted to make sure I got a clean taste of the taco. First bite was a big letdown, just as their nacho flavored one was. It didn’t lend any cool ranch flavor at all. Now don’t get me wrong, there was a different taste compared to their regular taco but it wasn’t a cool ranch flavor but just more of a slightly saltier layer to the tacos beef and cheesy flavor. But it didn’t stop me from eating it to make sure that my first bites were not misleading. Disappointed, I moved onto the supreme hoping that the sour cream and tomato would have another flavor I didn’t taste. So again I took a bite and it was the same as the plain taco but with a sour and acidic flavor added to the slightly salty flavor.         To make sure my taste buds weren’t misleading me I took pieces of the shell off and tried them separate and yup it tasted just like the chips. So it has to be combining all the layers of flavor that the flavor just gets drowned out.

I was truly disappointed with this taco more so than the nacho flavored one, especially because it took a year to produce. I mean come on, you already had the blueprint for the taco because of the nacho.  All they had to do is take the cool ranch flavor sprinkles and put them on the shell with some food glue right?  I mean that’s all it takes.  To me this is a complete novelty which is a total bummer because it has so much potential. I would recommend them as a food to try for the novelty sake. In no way shape or form should this become a regular staple in your fast food repertoire.  I know these will be crazy successful, which will be good because it may lend to further food items from Frito lay. I would totally be stoked for Doritos nachos or what about a cheetos shell for tacos or what about chili cheese flavored Fritos as a base for a walking taco? And that’s just of the top of my head I could come up with some gnarly nosh ideas.  I’m talking about stuff that foodies only dream about.

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