Don’t Know Who H.R. Giger Is? Well, You’re About To Find Out!

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H.R. Giger is not a name most people know, rarely are conceptual artist a household name. You know we gotta save precious brain meat space for images of Snap Chats of Miley twerking (appealing to the tween demograph is harder than I thought). You may not know Giger’s name, but I can damn well guarantee you know his work. This man is responsible for, without a doubt, the most terrifying onscreen monster in cinema history (No, not Steve Busecemi’s teeth. That’s clearly the work of some demonic pact). No I talking about the Xenomorph! The very creature that helped make Sigourney Weaver’s hideously manish features be attractive. Hey it was the 80’s a powerful woman wasn’t a sexy thing yet! Anyway Dark Star is a documentary about this legendary artist. Sadly, Giger passed away a few months after filming was complete so this is possible his last recorded interview. No real word on release info but keep checking back here. This is one I do not want to miss.