Directors Cut With Jason Christopher: Lords Of Salem and Ryan Gosling.

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I REALLY don’t like bashing movies because I know how it feels now. I feel kind of bad but this week at the movies was just awful. Pretty bummed out. Watching Netflix Hemlock Grove now…hopefully 13 episodes of this will make up for 2 movies.
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This movie started off so strong I was strapped in. I really dug the cinematography. Gosling was great, Cooper was great. Movie…not so great. It was like the movie just never wanted to end, which sucked. After this whole 15 year thing I lost interest. Although the kid from Chronicle, Dane DeHaan, was real good. But after that 15 year gap I just lost interest and couldn’t wait to leave the theater. Wait for DVD. 3/5



I think I’ll pay to see this again…because I think the theater played the wrong movie. The editing was just way off and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the hell I watched. It dragged on and just wow. BUT I will say this…Zombie totally put use of the anamorphic 2:35 aspect ratio…that’s probably the only thing to check the movie out in the theater for. I’d probably buy it on blu ray too just to hear what Rob Zombie has to say in the audio commentary. I honestly have no clue what was going on. I think if Zombie didn’t have final cut the movie would’ve been great. It had potential but just failed miserably. 2/5

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