DC/Looney Tunes Mashup vol 2017

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We all know that there have been DC/Looney Tunes mashups before and up until this point, they, for the most part, have just been variant covers.

Coming “Sometime” this year.  We are not exactly sure when, but sometime this year, DC and Looney Tunes will join forces to entertain and astonish us all.


So far the information is slim, but we have at least four combinations thus far.


They are:


Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam and from the looks of the cover, maybe Foghorn Leghorn

We think that maybe Yosemite and Foghorn are angry sidekicks of some sort, or even the main characters in the tale


Next on the list we see Martian Manhunter and, you guessed it, Marvin the Martian

I really hope Marvin turns out to be the bad guy and judging by the cover I may be correct.


Then we have one that I am particularly excited for and if you’ve ever listened to our podcast, you know why.

I am excited to announce Lobo and The Road Runner.  I really hope Wile E Coyote is really teaming up with the Main Man.


Lastly, we see a very dynamic duo.

Batman and Elmer Fudd  

We think and hope that the duo team up to possibly hunt that Wascally Wabbit, who we are really hoping, turns out to be the villain of the story.


Again, we are not sure when they will be released and there very well may be more than just was was recently announced, but you will know when we do.


Until next time.




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