DC Comics Introduce… The Burgher Thing?

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A quick Google search of the word “burgher” will show you that the Merriam-Webster definition is “an inhabitant of a borough or town/ a member of the middle class/ a prosperous, solid citizen.” So what does DC Comics have in mind for their new character- The Burgher Thing? Well, supposedly the character is a previous avatar of the Green, which means that you’ll probably be seeing a lot of him in the pages of The New 52’s Swamp Thing, and maybe a little in Animal Man.

Burgher Thing

DC’s official statement on their site describes the character as the Swamp Thing of the 1500’s, and goes on to say that he will use the knowledge of his experience to guide the modern day Swamp Thing. So, the main purpose of this new character is to train Swamp Thing to take on a “colossal” threat that will be facing him eventually. The Burgher Thing will debut in Swamp Thing Annual #2 which will hit the shelves October 30th, 2013. The issue will be written by Charles Soule, and will feature art by Javier Pina, who also illustrated the above image of The Burgher Thing, and has absolutely nothing to do with the image below.

Burger Thing

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