DC Comics Bombshells #31 — Fight for Freezedom

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Mr. Freeze as a woman?! Of course, Darling. I am sure the Ice Queen jokes will start flowing with this newest DC Comics Bombshell #31 Fight for Freezedom.

Here comes an orgin story of Ms. Freeze or Lady Freeze. The comic opens up on the Siege of Leningrad in 1942. You guessed it, World War II. Also, if you remember your high school history class, this siege was one of the most deadliest campaigns. This could get very interesting. You see a sprawling Army of Killer Frost complete with jackbooted Russian soldiers and a blue lady at the front. She’s narrating a bit and she introduces us to her mother.

The next scene is her mother running with her in her arms as a little girl. She’s being chased by the townspeople in France in the year of 1871. Quite a jump in time there. You see her mother get lambasted by the pitchfork carrying crowd about how she fraternized with a German. Now, here’s where I stop for a second. Because as a history buff, the years don’t really line up. When World War I ended, and even after World War II, anyone who was screwing German soldiers was ran out-of-town or killed. So, I get why the people are chasing after her, but its way too early to be doing so because World War I was roughly between 1914-1918. Unless they were doing it preemptively or there was an invasion of foxy German soldiers that I didn’t learn about in history class, this detail didn’t sit right with me.  As we gloss over that, we see her mom and herself get knocked into a frozen well.

The townspeople start walking away and the little girl, blue and cold, starts climbing out of the well to the surprise of the angry mob. After the little girl realizes that her mom is dead, she lashes out and uses her powers of freeze on everyone in the town. Freezing them where they stand. Cut to another scene where the little freezer girl is sitting and pouting. A lady walks into scene with red hair, wearing green and purple speaking German. Why hello to you Poison Ivy!

Other than the total misstep in the years of when World War I would’ve been done and lend its self to the storyline of her mother’s tragic end, I thought that this was a pretty good start. We shall see if in the other issues the writers start to get their history in order so I can actually enjoy the storyline without freaking out. But let it be known that I truly like the idea of a Lady Freeze. This story could be very interesting and I look forward to more DC Bombshells.