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For a while it has been up in the air whether or not Daredevil’s rights have reverted back to Marvel Studios or if Fox has actually been developing a sequel or a reboot for the film. The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Fiege, recently told Newsarama that the rights have actually reverted back to Marvel Studios, although no plans have been made to see Matt Murdock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe just yet.

Fox has held the rights to Daredevil since the late 90s, and since the Ben Affleck movie in 2003, they’ve been granted two extensions from Marvel to elaborate on the franchise, but haven’t delivered. Fox, however, still has the film rights for X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Daredevil’s return to Marvel Studios marks the third franchise to revert back to Marvel, after Blade and Punisher made their return.

So when do you think we will see our first look at Daredevil? Teaming up with the Punisher, joining the Avengers, or as a cameo in someone’s courtroom battle?

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