CROWDFUNDERS UNITE: Caesar & Otto’s Paranormal Halloween needs your help!

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In 2009, writer/director/star Dave Campfield unleashed he and actor Paul Chomicki’s alter egos Caesar and Otto in the film Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre. It’s a fantastic mix of humor and horror done on a shoestring budget with appearances from Lloyd Kaufman, Brinke Stevens, Deron Miller, and Felissa Rose. Flash forward three years later and the modern day equivalent of Abbot and Costello return in a new romp, Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas which far exceeded it’s predecessor in every way. Campfield grew as a filmmaker, developed a style, and wrote a tighter script. The entire original cast returned (many in new roles) and the addition of scream queen extraordinaire Linnea Quigley just helped to drive this one home. It’s 2014 and Dave is ready to bring the crew back together for Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween, a loving tribute to films like The Shining, The Conjuring, Halloween, etc. and a chance for more hilarity from this dynamic duo. Dave has decided to enlist the aid of the audience to help fund this picture with an IndieGoGo campaign, offering some of the most unique (and possibly hilarious) perks I’ve ever seen.

Supporting indie film is very important to me and Dave Campfield is a talent well worth supporting. Take a look at Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween IndieGoGo campaign and decide for yourself. If you can’t donate at least show your support and pass it on.