Cosplay rules at GR ComicCon!

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Cosplay, costumes and full-scale battle suits dominated the landscape at the Grand Rapids Comic Con. With the cosplay competition Saturday night, the DeltaPlex was wall-to-wall with caped crusaders, masked villains, and characters from nearly every world of comics, video games, anime, fantasy and more.

Here is a collection of some of the best cosplay outfits from Saturday night at the Grand Rapids Comic Con.

Which one is your favorite??


Cosplay wasn’t the only fun attraction at the Grand Rapids Comic Con on Saturday night, though. There was also a lot of games, displays and a giant Lego town with a moving train. If you looked close enough at the Lego town, you’d see there was a lot more than meets the eye… like the Hulk going on a rampage next to Thor and Captain America, or Batman watching over the city as people went on with their day. And on the other side of the building, Ruppits’ puppets could be found with everything from Star Wars to Star Trek puppets, and one puppet you didn’t want to blink at!