Convention Review: GingerBats! goes to C2E2

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You know the kind of unbridled joy one feels when walking into an airplane hangar sized building lined with red carpet and tables and tables and tables of pure-grade 100% concentrated dorkery? That’sthe thing that made the wee hearts of several thousand fellow comic book nerds go all pitter patter this past weekend in Chicago. What an absolutely fantastic experience. I for one had no idea what to expect considering this was my first convention of this size, but it’s safe to say I was not disappointed.

   Day one we hit the exhibitor booths to chat with comic book publishers from all over. Highlights included chatting with the folks at Valiant Comics (who are thee absolute most awesome people ever). Got some seriously great advice on breaking into comics as an artist/writer from none other than Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO of Valiant. I swear, I have no idea how I remained coherent throughout that conversation, I’m pretty sure I was just a huge pile of gibberish and nerves but he seemed not to notice so WIN! Needless to say, I’m totally a Valiant fangirl now, it’s obligatory. Never picked up a Valiant title I didn’t enjoy, and I can’t wait to see what these guys can do as the new and improved publishing powerhouse they are. Currently sitting on my desk are five sparkly new trade paperbacks just waiting for me to finish out this semester at school. Can’t. Wait.

We also got a chance to talk with Source Point Press, a swell bunch of guys and gals Slack Jaw and Comics R Kewel have been palling around with long before good ol’ Ginger joined the team. For those of you who don’t know them, they’re a Michigan-based indie publisher responsible for gems like Monstrous, Jack of Spades, Norah and more. So glad tohave met these fine bunch of people. They had all kinds of really cool things to say
about the indie comics and the industry in general.

(Tune in to Comics R Kewel to hear us talk more about how that went down, and all the great interviews coming up on the pod cast!)


Day two was mainly me running around with my stack of obsessively-preserved first prints of stuff to get signed by people I was too terrified to say more than two words to. Eh, that’s an exaggeration, I can say stuff if I want to. And I did. I got to chat with Marguerite Sauvage of Valiant’s Faith and DC Bombshells, and Amy Chu, who is writing Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death. I *did* want to get Snyder and Capullo to sign my various signable issues of Batman, but the line to their booth was so unbelievably, absurdly LONG. I mean, there had to have been more than a thousand people in that line. It was intense. I mean, it’s understandable but come onnn. I reaaallly just wanted to ask them how it felt to collectively be everyone’s favorite superhero. Like, if they ran really fast and collided into each other and fused, Batman would literally just pop into existence. It’s totally possible and beneficial to the scientific community. Probably. I’m going with a solid maybz.


Day three was digging through the great canyon of bins of five-dollar trades and dollar singles spending aaaaallll the monies I had no right in Whoville to spend but did anyway. One does not simply turn
down five dollar trades. So. Many. Cheap. It was glorious. Quite a relief to board the shuttle with a healthy bag of loot at the end of the day, but also kind of depressing when you realize I could have bought like three more trades for what I paid for a hot dog and a bottle of water. Eh, it’s fine. Cheap comics and absurdly overpriced food, all a part of the experience.

Still got that Snyder/Capullo Batman fusion idea rattling around. I’m tellin ya. It could happen.


— Ginger