Review: Thor at Small’s in Detroit

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Just when I thought I was done ranting and raving about Thor, I find myself sitting here, gearing up to, well, rant and rave about Thor. This will be my last one for awhile but I feel the need to write it. Through my reviews and interviews, I had hoped to spark some interest in Thor and the band’s performance which took place at Small’s in Hamtramck, Mi on November 18. I was at the show and what upset me was the lack of people there. The club was nearly empty, at least in my eyes, that’s how I saw it. The show started out with a screening of the film, since I’ve reviewed the film already, I won’t jam it down your throat anymore(Except for the fact everyone took home super-rad I AM THOR foam hammers, they’re sweet!).


The live show was why I was there. I wanted the place to be jam packed for the band but from my perspective, there were only forty to fifty people in attendance. I’ve seen more people in a dive bar for some bullshit cover band that sucks, this is fucking THOR! Disappointment in the crowd size aside, I was able to plant myself directly in front of the stage for this performance and I had one of the most memorable times of my life. The crowd around me was nonexistent and all I was focused on this band I have been listening to since I was a teenager, a band I never thought I would get the chance to see live, they were right in front of me, and they kicked so much ass.


Their setlist was full of classic tunes like Lightning Strikes Again, Keep the Dogs Away, and Warhammer. It was the hit songs that the crowd ate up like Let the Blood Run Red, Thunder on the Tundra, and We Live to Rock from the cult classic horror film ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE. Joining Jon-Mikl Thor on stage were longtime collaborators Steve Price (lead guitar) and Mike Favata (drums) as well as newcomer Ben Perman (bass). All three of these guys appeared in the film and this is the same lineup who played the major festivals that the film focused on. These guys are phenomenal musicians and sounded very tight. 12226919_10208291452590357_4086410276243822751_nThere may have been some mistakes made and an accident here or there (Thor’s microphone cord came unplugged and he couldn’t find it at one point) but it didn’t matter. Even with such a small crowd, the band didn’t seem to care. They played, fast, loud, and tight. Jon-Mikl may have given up on the strongman antics during the shows but he is so good at what he does it just didn’t matter. He commands your attention and the rest of the band beats you into submission with their instruments. From beginning to end I was grinning from ear to ear. When it was over I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to experience again.


Afterwards, the band came out and greeted the fans who stuck around. They made sure every single person got their autographs or took their pictures. They were a real friendly group of guys, down to Earth, deserving of any and all success that may come their way (that should have come to them long ago). If the opportunity ever arrives for you to them, do yourself a favor and don’t miss them. I AM THOR is currently available on DVD/Blu-Ray as well as the soundtrack. Thor is also back on the road keep an eye out to see if they come to your town. I can only keep my figures crossed and hope the opportunity arrives for me to see them again.