Con Review: Motor City Comic Con by Piper

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Here you go, Pipers review of Motor City Comic Con:

I spent two days at Motor City this year and had a blast. One of my favorite parts was going to the podcast Panel hosted by Derek Becker and had Jason Clark of the Elegant Weapon Podcast, Jimmy McKnight of the Ninja Starship Podcast, Devin Foether of Source Point Press and Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men show. They talked about very helpful tips for getting started with podcasting and what was simple about the podcasting medium.

I found it to be very informative mainIy because hat they taught could be applied to podcasts in general, regardless of topic. I was able to get trades of some of my favorite comics, I recently started reading Deadpool and I got more trades of that series. My second day there, I got to meet Nick Seluk of the popular Awkward Yeti webcomic and interview him about his comics. I really enjoyed talking to him about his work and learned that he’s a Michigan based artist. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Motor City Comic Con this year

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  • Don

    Avoid this comic con at all costs! This is by far the worst comic con I’ve ever attended. Parking is a mess, overcrowded to a point of dangerous, falsely advertising events that are cancelled at the last minute. A Walking Dead panel that was scheduled to take place and cancelled 45 mins after it was suppose to start. This while all the actors were still in the hall signing autographs. No response to emails, or complaints. Even no response from complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Check them on the BBB. They have lost not only 1 customer, but at least a dozen because they are poorly managed and could care less about taking care of the customer, only pumping as many bodies into the space as they can.

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