Con Review: I Terrorized C2E2 2016!

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Look, if you hadn’t noticed we’ve been talking about attending some convention called C2E2, I wasn’t really sure what that con was. Now that my sarcasm is out of the way, c2E2 was AWESOME! GingerBats!, myself and Piper went and…well…



                                                     High fives all around!


C2E2 started off with everybody arriving in Chicago around 10pm, we arrived at the hotel and we all passed out from exhaustion and I’m pretty sure Piper died, we awoke the next morning and prepped for an amazing day in Chicago!

Let me start by saying that when we arrived at the convention center we were greeted with a large sign and a churro stand. We decided it was best to split up and start taking pictures and interviewing people, but you’ll have to check all that out on Comics R Kewel Facebook page and Podcast to hear more about that!

C2E2 was HUGE, with all capital letters, it consisted over 100 booths of merchandise with tons of comic book memorabilia and even some anime stuff! I got a cool Red Lantern ring and GingerBats! Drained my bank account by buying trade paper backs and comics. I have to say I was impressed with the wider variety of stuff, from a little booths of regular merchants to big name places like


There were some great graffiti artists!

The guests were pretty awesome, there was a wide variety of celebrity guests from CM PUNK all the way to Chloe Bennet, I even got to get an autograph from CM PUNK and J. August Richards autographs…super nice people, unlike the people I work with *cough* Bub.

Artist Alley was probably my favorite area of the actual Con, also the Chicago hot dog stand but that’s totally another story! Artist alley ranged from various big time artists and writers to the small print but each one was blended together so each of the booth had the same amount of opportunity to promote their work…I got to meet Rafer Roberts of Archer and Armstrong and GingerBats! got to meet David Walker the writer of Powerman and Iron Fist, both were super nice people. In fact, every artist and writer we chatted with was super friendly and were really passionate about what they were talking about.



Although blurry it’s a picture of me and iZombie creator Chris Roberson!

One of the areas there was a giant cafe that had a limited edition Galaxy Hero IPA…I didn’t like it but most people did and that’s great! But the greatest thing was when we met with Valiant and went to their beer launch party, which was cool since we took pictures for them!

Little publishers were there such as Source Point Press and Lion Forge Comics, who were super awesome to talk to. There was a TON of independent publishers that had a lot to say about their comics and even a ton that ended up being super nice and might be coming onto our show…hint…hint.


Ming Doyle from Constantine HellBlazer: Note: I accidentally in the podcast called her Ming Yu, I apologize, got the name mixed up!

In conclusion C2E2 was probably the best convention I’ve  been to since Motor City Comic Con, and that’s only saying the big conventions. C2E2 brought the fire and brought the excitement right out of me…so much so that I’d really love to go back!

So I give this convention….an 99/10!




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