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I went to C2E2 for the first time this weekend and had an incredible experience. Right from the start, I encountered so many unique people who wanted to share their passion of comics with everyone who came through the doors. From the publishers to the cosplayers to the panelists who attended, I saw not only passion but creativity just burst from the show floor. In order to give this review justice to the people I met this weekend, I want to talk about all three days individually.

John Myer

John Myer

The first day there, I met many independent publishers starting John Myers of Typod Mary and his series All the Growing Things. and how it was about an old woman who had to battle strange things growing from her garden. Later on I met with Sebastian A. Jones of Stranger Comics who spoke of his series The Untamed where a man makes a deal with the devil to be freed from Purgatory if he can deliver seven special souls. I also met Christina Barr of Ninjadust Publishing and I learned about her multiple series she had out including Superkid and Almost Alive and how they were influenced from her life. Lastly, I met the energetic Mike Waggner of Cosmic Times and I learned about how one of the characters from the series Deep Space Tragedy was influenced by Jerry Only of The Misfits in terms of hairstyle. Each one of the individuals showed me something unique about their respective series and I want to give equal praise to all of them and I would recommend picking up their books.

Piper and Mike Waggner

On day two the biggest highlight of my day was going to a couple panels. The first one I checked out was the 25 years of Deadpool and it featured the writing team of the series and discussed Deadpool team ups over the years and members of the audiences gave their responses. I also went to see Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame and he discussed the future of Hellboy in Hell. These panels had prompted me to pick up some trade paperbacks of their respective comics that I honestly haven’t read before.


Third and final day you ask? I roamed and picked up more books to read is what I did. I got some Judge Dredd trades which I enjoyed right away. I only knew of him from the movie in 2012 that I also liked. Later in the day I said goodbye to the people whom had a significant impact on my time at the convention. Truthfully, I was sad to see these people go as I had enjoyed my time there. C2E2 was a huge experience for me and what i loved about it the most was how big it was and how everyone was so welcoming and collaborative with one another. These conventions really show how awesome people are and the creativity thats brought out. I would recommend to anyone if they have a chance to go to next years convention or any convention for that matter, you never know what you’ll expect

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