COMICS REVIEW: Quantum Teens Are Go #1

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In case you missed it, out this week from Black Mask Studios is Quantum Teens Are Go! From the writer Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim) and illustrated by Eryk Donovan (Constantine, Memetic).  Colorist Claudia Aguirre joins Visaggio again (Kim & Kim) in their second Black Mask series. This one stars two teens who love science, danger, and stealing experimental quantum tech!

The series is kicked off with a Bang, or I guess more of a Konk. Teen Natalie is fighting off a robot security guard while her partner in crime, Sumesh, is trying to deactivate the bot. Circumventing the struggle Natalie finish’s the job, hopefully so they can finish their’s. They are currently breaking into and stealing from an abandoned Archlight building, only the security system is still active. While making their escape the two run into a few old “friends”, who feel slighted from the last job the group pulled together. Realizing that they are all now surrounded by the remaining robots,  they put things aside in order to fight off the bots. The next morning Natalie wakes up in her bedroom and heads downstairs, being called the wrong name by her mother. Natalie was born Brandon, a few years ago he decided to transition to become female. Her mother argue’s that perhaps the person she is becoming is not  like Brandon was when growing up. Natalie storms out the front door,  hops on her skateboard, and heads to school. Meanwhile Sumesh is working on something in his garage when he is interrupted by his brother, asking where he’s been. Sumesh digs through the pile of stuff him and Natalie stole from the previous night and becomes excited, he finally found a Tachyonic Actuator. He rushes off to school to meet Natalie and tell her the good news, because this means they can finish their application project. After school they try to approach a group of  people who are supposedly the group know as Odyssey, the same group the two are trying to get into. They ask one of the group know as Zero to help them mount the Tachyonic Actuator, but she turns them down. From across the parking lot someone calls to them, his name is Wayne Stafford, and he’s ex-odyssey. He lets them know that he can help them out, so a few days later they meet at Sumesh’s garage. Natalie and Sumesh show Wayne what they’ve been working on, it started out as a Starship but it somehow turned into a Time Machine. Wayne excitedly suggest they hook it up and try to start it, so the team does but what happens after that is the real question.

I picked up Kim & Kim #1 on a whim, Black Mask was still new to me as a company and I had never heard of the creators either. I was captivated not only by the art, but the writing and overall design of the book. The characters not only match their environment, but they feel like real people with history. This series is no different, I love Science Fiction and you can tell that Visaggio does as well. With lots of robots, futuristic weapons, insane vehicles (Kim’s space van), and fictional careers. Quantum Teens should be on your read if you’re into any of that, and I can’t wait to see who or what they pull out of time.

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