Comics Review: Mr. Miracle #1

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When I first heard Mr. Miracle was getting a new series I was signed up for it in a heart beat, Mr. Miracle is a character who does not get explored a lot nowadays and ends up being more of a side character than a front line character. But, rest assured he is back with Tom King and Mitch Gerads at the helms to bring the miraculous title to life…I’ll go sit in the corner.

Mr. Miracle sets us up with him laying in the bathroom with his hands bloodied and scared from an attempt at what appears to be suicide, rather a dark opening for a book called Mr. Miracle, we flash forward to Scott Free (Mr. Miracle himself) lying in a hospital bed and then to Scott and Big Barda (his wife) sleeping and then Orion (his brother) beating the crap out of him…with that the story kicks off.

This first issue is a breath of fresh air since Gerard Way picked up Doom Patrol and made is a mind game. Mr. Miracle is not a book for the one looking for an action packed Batman style story. Tom King and Mitch Gerads craft a wonderful masterpiece of a book that begs the question many people even today ask themselves “Can you escape death?” The book knows the story it wants to tell and feels like it is trying to create a new era of super hero story telling in the DC Universe.

The story gives you only bits and pieces of a much broader story, we are left wondering what “Darkseid is” means and what happened to cause Mr. Miracle to want to try and escape death itself. Yes, he does inform us that it’s “just a trick” but there is something way more meaningful and curious about attempting something so controversial to just say “it’s a trick.” With that said Mitch Gerads paints a colorful yet gritty picture of the famous escape artist Scott Free aka Mr. Miracle, The world is set up to hit you right in the face with its opening page and continues to throw you into a spiral of pure emotion.

Mr. Miracle is the book you should read if you really want to connect with a hero on a whole other level, Tom King and Mitch Gerads make it easy to connect with Scott Free as he continues to question himself as to what he truly is. We get the sense of dark depression and dread with coming to terms that his entire existence is rather easy for him.

I say pick up this series if you are interested in something that tries something new and exciting, it’s brilliant and well written to the point where it’s going to be my new favorite series from DC, and that says a lot as I’m still into HellBlazer. Pick up Mr. Miracle in stores now and get ready for a fantastic ride!


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