COMICS: John Carpenter’s Asylum

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The Master of Horror, John Carpenter, has officially thrown his hat into the comic book field and is making himself at home with his new comic Asylum. Asylum is about a man who walks the streets of the City of Angels where demons and Lucifer wait in the shadows for an upcoming war.

While it seems that publishers, and creators, are all rushing to fill the void that the cancellation of Hellblazer created, Carpenter makes his character stand out. Even if there is a character that looks similar to Constantine, Carpenter (with the help of co-creators Sandy King and Thomas Ian Griffith) proves why he is the Master of Horror with issue #1, which hit shelves last month. Issue two is scheduled to be released this month, so keep an eye out for it at your local comic shop.

Asylum Cover

Asylum is created by Carpenter, King, and Griffith, written by Bruce Jones, and drawn by Leonardo Manco. It’s published by Storm King Comics.

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