Comic Review: #ZvR1 (Zombies vs. Robots)

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Duff here…

If you’ve stumbled up any of previous entries you might have picked up on love for zombies, and retro science fiction. If you didn’t let say we’re rolling in the deep.

This sad sap missed ZvR the first go around. To my credit though, I do have the The Complete Zombies vs. Robots trade paper back stored, waiting for me to read on iPad. Just been too busy to get around to devour it’s awesomeness.

The first issue in the is an ongoing series, is broken into two separate story lines, “Inherit the Earth” and “The Orphan”.


There might be an alarm sound going off in your brain right now…”Inherit the Earth” is also the working title of the Zombies vs. Robots film that is currently in pre-production over at Sony. Andrew Adamson (Shrek) is setting in the director’s chair; IDW along with Platinum Dunes are producing. Not casting news to report. The film is reported to follow the last human survivor, a young girl, and a group of robots whom protect her from the zombie hordes.

ZvR co-creator, Chris Ryall, sums up the “Inherit the Earth” comic arc like this; “‘Inherit the Earth’ establishes a new status quo for the ZvR universe. Picking up where pervious series left off, this new ongoing story introduces new human survivors to the mix, sees slightly changed zombies, slightly deranged robots, and finally delivers merman a zombiefied giant squid. For starters…”

So there’s some overlap…the film version actually meshes better with the second story line, written by Steve Niles:

“‘The Orphan’ brings the global mess that is the ZvR world down to a more personal level as a lone survivor deals with not only her terrible reality but also her attempt to literally build a friend and protector to keep her safe from zombies and other robots alike. And as in the most things in the ZvR universe, everything goes wrong from there…”

(quotes are from inside the book)

“Hey, who’s the comic?!”

I’m getting to it. Answer, it’s frigging great. There is so much talent at work here; Ryall and Niles with scripts. On art duties you have Anthony Diecidue (Inherit the Earth), Val Mayerik (The Orphan, he also co created Howard the Duck).

Set some extra pennies aside boys, you’re pull list just got bigger!

If you still need convincing click here for an exclusive preview!

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