COMIC REVIEW: Wytches #1

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Tis the season for all things spooky and for fans of comics, that means one thing– Scott Snyder and Jock’s Wytches #1. This book has been long awaited for most Snyder/ Jock fans for some time, and the initial issue is just enough to whet the appetite of comic book and horror fans alike.

Wytches panel
The story is set up perfectly with an intro that gives you a little back story on the titular wytches. While the “pledge” angle of the story will surely be described in great detail later in the series, it’s enough now to get you a little creeped out just reading the book. The characters all seem to be both engaging and haunted (mentally, for now), as the general feeling of issue number one is both unsettling and cringe-worthy. IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. (ie- the whole “knife handle” dialogue between the main character, Sail, and a bully)
From American Vampire to The Wake, we’ve seen Scott Snyder work with some excellent artists lately, but to rekindle the creative team behind some of my favorite Detective Comics story arcs is what makes me excited for this horror book. Jock is in rare form this time around, delivering nightmarish images as well as some of the best facial details and reactions that I’ve seen in quite some time. For all your people-devouring tree needs, look no further than Wytches #1.

Wytches image
The only thing missing that’s missing from this book is an eerie Halloween soundtrack. Please comment below if you have any suggestions.

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