Comic Review: WYNONNA EARP #1

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Wynonna Earp, returns in a big way this year. Thanks, to a new comic series and a TV show on Syfy this April. I can’t say I read any of the original series, but from what I researched this new one isn’t much different.

The basic premise of Wynonna Earp is pretty cool. She’s the a relative of the legendary law man Wyatt Earp. She even carries his signature long barrel “Peace Keeper”, and ornery demeanor. But unlike the moustached one, she hunts demons, ghouls, and other paranormal crimanals for the US Marshal’s Black Badge division.

Ms. Earp is coupled with her by the book boss, Dolls, and a mysterious character by the name of John Henry. It’s unclear, but Dolls and Henry have some sort of uneasy alliance that makes Wynonna cautious.

Issue 1 is heavy on action. In the first few panels Wynonna blows the brains out of chained up zombie. She then tracks down a lead on Mars Del Ray, the leader of the Chupacbura Cartel, whose main currency is human organs. This leads to small bar filled with Chupacbura soldiers and a high body count.

Wynonna Earp script by series creator Beau Smith, is full of B-Movie charm and is swiftly paced. Art duties fall to Lora Innes. I must admit I’m unfamiliar with her work, but I found a web comic of hers called The Dreamer that looks solid. Her pencils here have a nice old school look about them. And when you throw colorist Jay Footos muted palate over them you get a delightful blend of comic mocha.

I’m not usual high on TV tie ins, but I’m throwing this in the reboot column since it’s by the original creator and comic reboot every year or two anyways. I also have no idea what the show will be like, but it sounds like something I’d watch. Wynonna Earp is cool fun concept , and I’m sure fans of a the original will be back, but I think it’s worth checking out if like a strong female lead.

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