Comic Review: We Are Robin #10

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It just seems fitting to review something Batman related this week. For those smoking too much “spice” you might not of released Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice opens Thursday. For the rest of the world it means we’re ready to get our faces melted off with hopefully pure awesomeness. Taking the wife Friday to see it and am beyond jacked. Good or bad I love Batman. The entire Bat-verse is just fantastic. Great characters, drama, brutal…it has it all.

That brings me to WE ARE ROBIN issue #10. I admit I’ve never picked up an issue of the young series before this one. I had heard about it or read about somewhere. I thought the concept was really cool. If you’re unaware of the title like myself, the series follows a group of teens that have been inspired by Robin. They related to young kid like themselves standing up and protecting beloved Gotham city. It’s really embraces the vigilante nature of the Dark Knight — one man can make a difference thing–which I love. Like I said very cool concept.

The story of issue #10 is mostly dealing with the aftermath of the previous issues (had to Google a bit), the team has been “outlawed” and are now struggling with the feeling of having to sit on the sidelines while the Jokerz Gang (Batman Beyond) is out there. The issue is composed of vignettes of each character and is strung together by texts and instant messages. Smiley, joker wanna be, is gathering an army of clowns (scary) to destroy Gotham starting with the Robins turf Middleton High.

Writer/artist Lee Bermejo script is heavy. It touches on a lot of the alienation troubling kids today (I’m old) especially in urban settings. The characters are flawed and real. Art by Jorge Corona is impressive as well. We Are Robin is a welcome and very urban, modern entry into the Bat-verse that is perfect for millennials.

I’m not sure if it’s on the pull list yet, but I’ve ordered the back issues and am looking forward to issue #11.

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