Comic Review: Vigilante: Southland #1

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I apologize for the delay in my reviews, a friend of mine is getting married. However, today we take a look at a title that is not a part of the Rebirth line up for DC and has not had an original series in a very long time. Also, was very disappointed that this was not about the singing cowboy…

Vigilante: Southland follows Donny, a teenager who grew up in the hood, is your average hood…kid, smoking weed, playing some basketball and going to school. He has a girlfriend named Dorrie who attempts to give him some purpose in life by coming to the protests. A few days later Dorrie is killed in a hit and run, after some grieving its discovered that it is possible that Dorrie was not who she said she was…and maybe the hit and run was not just an accident.

Vigilante: Southland is a pretty simple and almost classic take on your rising hero story line. Donny is a very likable character who just enjoys life . Gary Phillips does a wonderful job giving us very little detail about what kind of villains are lurking in Southland but sprinkles enough to keep the reader guessing. It is a little disappointing that we do not see Donny take up the mantel just yet, but does a fine job giving you that anticipation. I think old and new readers are going to really enjoy the evolution of Donny becoming the Vigilante.

Elena Casagrande artwork is probably the best part, as you know the dark and gritty art tones are something I absolutely adore! You can feel the emotions of the characters as they struggle with the death of a loved one and try to solve the mystery behind Dorries death.