COMIC REVIEW: Vampirella #0

In Comic Books, Dynamite by Garret Tumey2 Comments

Another 25 cent introductory issue from Dynamite Comics, this time it’s Vampirella #0! Written by Paul Cornell (Dr. Who)and art by Jimmy Broxton (The Unwritten), with letters by Travis Lanham. Cornell and Broxton team up again (Knight & Squire) to welcome back Vampirella. This issue is the perfect reintroduction to a character that built an empire off ancient folklore and a beautiful Vampire. Dynamite has been putting out amazing quarter issues that don’t disappoint, and this one is no different!

In a distant future, three survivors on a quest, to find the one foretold in prophecies who could save them. Armed with supplies and weapons to get them across the tundra wasteland, they are chased by what seems to be the devil himself. After an unwanted but necessary sacrifice, they make their way towards an ancient tomb. What they find beneath is almost unimaginable, a mummified corpse barley intact. Not dead, but dreaming, and she needs to woke. The only way to achieve this, is blood, which the survivors pay willing with their lives. Vampirella is suddenly awakened to a world she doesn’t recognize, and with no memory of how it came to be. Now she has to find out what happened and how she got there. The only clue she has is an old book full of stories or prophesies and black blood. However, now that she’s awake, Vampirella is hungry and ready for the world. Is this world ready for her?
I really enjoyed this issue, Dynamite knows how to reintroduce characters that people either might not have heard of or might not be up to date on. I’ve already read  Red Sonja #0 Dynamite put out at end of last year and felt the same way, wanting more!
Broxton’s futuristic landscape is beautiful yet eerie, with specific detail to facial expressions of the characters. The way he uses shading to making shadows add another layer to everything is also amazing. Cornell’s writing complements the art perfectly, with very wholehearted dialogue between his characters. Vamirella herself is no exception either, deducing clues, while being strong and confident. I can’t wait to read what happens next!