Comic Review: TNMT/Ghostbusters #1

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Unlike the Goldbergs, I know exactly what year it was in the 1980’s; it was 1984. Any nerd worth his collection of action figures, knows 1984 was a monumental year in geekdom. It was so important this 4-eyes, that I wrote an entire article on it, you can read it here, shameless plug. It was of course the year both the Ghostbusters and the Eastman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles burst into the scene, so it only make sense that they finally meet up, and thank the god of fanboys everywhere they did.

TMNT_GB01-coverThe story begins with Krane and company centuries ago, opening an ancient portal filled with doom. Fast forward to New York, where the Turtles, along with Casey Jones and April are in the laboratory of Harold Lillja testing out a teleportation device. Only after Leo says he’s already used do the Turtles and friends agree to give it a whirl. Of course, Lillja screws up. Jump to yet another New York, same time but on a different dimensional plane, where we find the boys in grey busting a class 5 free roaming vapor.

Venkman, Egon, Ray, and Winston have been facing an up swing (is there any other) in paranormal activity in the NY area. On top of this Egon has been experimenting, unsuccessfully I might add, on a cross dimensional device of his own.

When the Turtles stop teleporting, they find that they are in the right place but the wrong dimension. Their run-down church hide out is in full wedding swing, complete with bride, groom, wedding party, guests an ancient samurai spirit with the ability to make zombie slaves out of anyone in his presence.

TMNT_GB01-coverRIThe Turtles are shocked and stunned. Fortunately for them, the Ghostbusters are on duty!

This issue was so much fun. I had a silly little grin on my face the entire read. The story was solid, and the art was fantastic. I like how they meshed the two distinct styles of these two great IDW series together. Burnham and Waltz always tell a solid tale. Schoening, who’s drawings I love, totally nails the Turtles here. (Speaking of Dapper Dan Schoening, we’ll have an exclusive interview with him coming shortly!)

I was bummed when IDW announced they would be ending the monthly Ghostbusters series, but this more than dulls the sting of that.

Issue #1 in this 4 part epic crossover is out this Wednesday. Add it to the pull list!

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