Comic Review: THE SHOWDOWN vol.1

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First off a big round of sweet applause for indie comics and thier creators. Marvel and DC might be Boardwalk and Park Place on the comic Monoply board, but that’s only two spaces people. There is plenty other real estate on the playing field, and indie comics, especially, will always have a property on it and their creators will always a role in shaping it’s landscape. The Showdown is one of properties and it’s creator Russ Lippitt is one of those sculpture-rs.

The Showdown’s set up is the; each year Satan, the dark prince himself throws the Gumball ralley to end them all. It’s like Dante’s Infero with a good measure of Death Race a heavy dose So-Cal Rock-A-Billy. The winning team in this anything goes race is allowed to raise hell once again against the living on earth. The teams are compromised of zombies, werewolves, vampires, and killer clowns among other ghouls and each have their own boss ride.


Like many indie comics, it’s a little rough around the edges but big on charm. Lippitt’s script is solid, he tells it straight and avoids tricks. The dialogue sticks like a Russ Meyers flick. Art duties fall to Tony Guaraldi-Brown and Jeremy Rodriguez. Their style is true to the greaser, hot rod era and dances like blood red pinstripes across the page.

In conclusion, the Showdown is Easy Rider meets Hammer—The Showdown could’ve easily been a midnight flick staring Peter Fonda and directed by Roger Corman. Don’t miss! We’re from the mother-loving motor city and horror hounds how would this not be on our radar ?!

The Showdown is currently being Kickstarted, support it here:

Seriously support, they are only after $1,800 bucks.

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