Comic Review: The Rocketeer At War #1

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Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Dave Bullock nail the 40’s serial drama styled dialogue and Golden Age news strip feel in The Rocketeer At War. Set in the middle of WWII Rockteer Cliff Secord has given up the Rocketeer in order to fight Nazi’s in Uncle Sam’s army. Only after a military training exercise goes terrible, that military brass decide only Cliff is capable of piloting the pack. But those plans might have to wait because Cliff has his handfuls with Nazi spies in Tunsia and a beautiful young British flying ace nicknamed Foxy Roxy.

I recall the 90’s film fondly but can’t say it stuck with me like other properties of that decade. Still I dig the pulpy nature of the character, and the over-the-top drama. Plus anything set against the Allies VS Axis backdrop perks my Spiddy-Sense, and this comic perked them.

A great light read for all fans of pulp, Rocketeer At War is as pretty and fun to look at as a Ava Gardner pin-up taped inside a GI’s footlocker. Pick it up today at your local comic shop.


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