Comic Review: The Fade Out #2

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Once again cool oozes from the pen of Ed Brubaker, in the second issue of The Fade Out. If you didn’t pick up the first one; get it. This series is a match in the book of Chinatown and L.A. Confidential and it burns just as bright.

Fadeout02_CoverBrubaker’s character driver noir melts into the glorious pulp of Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser. This creative team is jelling like Dr.Scholl’s inserts. IMAGE was genius given these guys free region.

The story picks up at the funeral of our fallen starlet, Valeria Sommers; all the power players turn out; but why? The question becomes murder or suicide? Who would want her dead? And why is studio so quick to brush this under the rug?

Our down and out writer, Charlie Parish, is still questioning why he was at the murder scene, and why he can’t remember any of it. Speaking of Charlie, what secret is Gil holding over on him.

With all these questions piling up in this post war, blacklisted, seedy Hollywood tale ; I can’t keep from wanting all the answers. But answers start to appear…the pool just keeps getting deeper…

Only downside to this seductive tale of murder is I have to wait another month for issue 3.

The Fade Out #2 is out Oct. 1st from Image Comics.